Save Time By Giving EdTech the Once-Over!

Ever select a product, and later see something better? Have trouble deciding which vendors are worth speaking to? Don’t know which vendors can help with your problem? Want to check-out the latest and greatest in EdTech but don’t have a lot of time?

We help you to quickly explore the options, using a speed dating approach, saving you and your school district time!

How It Works

Define Your Need?

Briefly tell us about your problem.

We Research for You

Our team of expert EdTech researchers identify solutions that match your needs.

Attend Virtual Micro Demos, Just Like Speed Dating

Anonymously sit back and enjoy a single meeting, where you give multiple options the Once-Over.

Get Proposals, While You Stay Anonymous

Your school district gets a proposal from each vendor, to help you evaluate the various options. We don't share your identity, so you pick who to follow-up with.

It's Free for Schools

We don't charge schools anything for our services. Instead, we charge vendors for access .

We used one of the major companies for parent communication, and yet our parents still complained. Once-Over helped us to uncover a communication gem in ParentSquare.
Lorenzo Sanchez
IT Director
Our district needed a new way to collect information from parents. In one hour, we looked at six products, then decided to speak with two companies in more detail. Using Once-Over to make a informed decision is a no brainer.
James Kimmel
For years I struggled with the tools that we used in our district. I knew there had to be a better way, I just didn't know what vendors were out there. Once-Over made it so easy to research the options.
Emily Tansley
Special Education Teacher

About Once-Over

Once-over was born out of the frustration of watching the way technology products get discovered. Should the company with the biggest marketing budget win your business? No, it should be the company with the best product fit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often enough. Companies that have been around longer tend to have the larger footprint of customers and larger sales team, but technology changes so quickly that it’s also likely those same companies no longer offer the best product. Many of these companies have good products and if you talk with your peers, they may like the products and recommend them to you.  But to give a very simple example: you select the best walk-man you can find to play your music, how frustrated are you after spending your budget, only to find the smart phone a couple of months later. Technology changes quickly, there are 1000’s of EdTech companies you have not discovered.
We don’t want to help you buy anything, we want to help you to discover the possibilities, and to quickly give them the Once-Over.

Innovated Products, You Might Not Know!

Our database contains 1000's of EdTech companies.