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Once-Over’s trusted EdTech evaluation platform helps schools save time discovering EdTech options using a series of micro demos.

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The first virtual EdTech evaluation platform

Discover EdTech, compare pricing, stay anonymous, and save time.

We assemble the EdTech

Our team of expert EdTech researchers identify products that match your needs, booking them into your Once-Over.

You attend micro demos

Anonymously sit back and enjoy a single meeting, where you give multiple options the Once-Over.

We gather the proposals

Your school district gets a proposal from each vendor, to help you evaluate the various options.

What people are saying

You’ve heard of the flipped classroom, Once-Over is flipped marketing!

EdTechs are screaming for your
attention in their marketing outreach

EdTechs spend hundreds of millions of dollars on cold calls, email campaigns, paid digital advertising, huge tradeshow booths - all to get your attention. A lot of the time, this comes across as annoying and time-consuming for school districts. EdTech companies do everything they can to stay top of mind, to ensure they’re included when it comes time for school districts to buy.

Wouldn’t it be easier to anonymously raise your hand when you’re ready

The Once-Over platform will not just save school districts time, and help to make more informed decisions. It will also notify the EdTechs when the time is right. Lowering their costs and removing some of the frustration and fear of not being included. Once-Over is the fastest and fairest way to evaluate EdTech.

Why use Once-Over?

Save time and money

Discovering the right EdTechs takes time. Filling in forms, waiting for replies, and by the time they do answer, you’ve moved on to other tasks. Calling often means navigating phone trees and leaving voicemails. After that comes hour-long demos from each vendor. Then all the follow-up emails. Once-Over manages it all.

Include more vendors in review

Working in a school district is very demanding. It’s natural to limit your EdTech search. Perhaps, by speaking to vendors you already know or seeking referrals from colleagues at nearby districts. At Once-Over, the research we do for one district informs the next. We ensure you meet the right EdTechs to match your needs.

Informed decisions for schools

By Once-Over removing much of the mundane work, we free up your time to focus on what matters, the decision. You will meet more vendors through our micro demos, making it as thorough an evaluation as possible. All while you remain in complete control of the decision. Once-Over’s platform just makes it easier and faster
to manage.

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