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Discover opportunities you didn’t even know existed with Once-Over. The fairest way for school districts to evaluate education technology.

Thousands of EdTechs work with Once-Over

We invite EdTechs into opportunities when school districts are ready to evaluate, so no more guessing.


Schools contact us when they're ready to evaluate.

School districts tell us what they are looking for, and we create a shortlist of vendors that can help.


We contact you, so you don't miss out!

We search our ever-growing database and invite the right vendors to a live micro demo with the district.

Access qualified opportunities

We generate a lot of qualified opportunities for all technology categories that a school district purchases. Every opportunity Once-Over shares has BANT (budget, authority, need, and timeline) assigned. It’s time you reached out and made sure Once-Over includes your products and services in our next Once-Over.

Discover opportunities you might have missed

It’s not nice when you get left out of a prospect’s evaluation process. You call and email all year round and get little back. Then you hear that a decision was made, and you weren’t even part of the process. Let Once-Over invite you to qualified opportunities you didn’t even know existed and are ready to buy.

Lead generation that really works

Once-Over is the first of its kind virtual EdTech evaluation platform. As vendors, you are pretty much screaming for school districts’ attention in your marketing and are still often left out. Once-Over is about having genuine buyers raise their hand when they’re ready.

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Find out why so many schools are changing the way they evaluate!

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