About Once-Over

We help school districts to quickly explore EdTech product options, using a micro demo approach, saving you time!

Who Are We?

Once-Over was born out of the frustration of watching the way technology products get discovered. Should the company with the biggest marketing budget win your business? No, it should be the company with the best product fit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often enough. Companies that have been around longer tend to have a larger footprint of customers and a larger sales team, but technology changes so quickly that it’s also possible those same companies no longer offer the best product.

Once-Over was created to level the playing field and ensure that technology evaluation is easier, faster, and more equitable.

Where Are We?

Our company headquarters is located just outside of Philadelphia. As a result of our rapid growth, we opened another support office in Toronto, Canada earlier this year.

Of course to offer the best support to our customers, we also wanted to support our employees with remote working culture. We believe that a happy workforce, means happy customers. As a result, we have team members spread right across the world.

Our Core Values


To help our customers, we know we have to listen first. We chase new challenges, ideas, and opinions. We actively listen for different approaches to problem-solving.

Be A Great Team

It's simple without a strong and happy team, we can't provide the best version of our services and products to our customers.

Love The Journey

It's going to be hard at times, sometimes we might take a wrong turn, but if we tackle one challenge at a time, and focus on those we help - it won't matter were we end up.

Executive Team

The people who make everything happen

Katie Tansley


Padraig O'Shea

VP, Vendor Engagement

Gordon Duff

VP, District Success

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