Secrets EdTech Companies Don’t Want You to Know

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When it comes to buying EdTech for your K-12 school, you want a company who’s on your side and can help you find your perfect fit. Unfortunately, most EdTechs are on the side of closing as many deals as possible. They are not as invested in your long-term success as they are in your initial purchase.

Buying K-12 EdTech is an important process. But unfortunately, time-consuming and often confusing. How do you know which product is best? How do you make sure you’re getting a good price? And how can you be sure an EdTech company will be good to work with in the long term?

Our guide is here to help. We’re going to uncover a few secrets EdTechs don’t want you to know about their prices, products, and company reviews. So you can buy EdTech with confidence.

The Price You’re Given Isn’t Always Set in Stone

Unfortunately, EdTech prices are not one price fits all. There are many things that could increase or decrease the quote you’re given. EdTech sales reps may change their sales prices based on their competition, how quickly you buy, and more.

Prices are Based on Competition

The quote you receive from an EdTech company may not be the same quote they give another school for the exact same product. It may be higher or lower, depending on the competition they are up against as you compare who to go with.

Sales reps will work to discover who else you are considering. If it’s a low-cost vendor, they will possibly give you a lower quote, if you’re considering high-priced vendors, they will give you a higher quote, and so on.

Timing is not as Important as They Say

There is almost always more wiggle room than a sales rep wants you to know. Always ask for the best and final price. If they offered you a promotion in the past and told you it would end if you don’t buy now: don’t worry, it’s likely still available. Ask for it.

Beware of Rushing

EdTech sales reps want to close the deal as fast as possible. They don’t want you to know about their competitors, because that gives you a reason to shop around. Be wary of any rushing and know it is probably the company trying to close a sale before you can truly do a valuable comparison or research.

Comparison Matrix and Charts

Companies often provide a competitive matrix to “help” you compare options, but the information is often incorrect or outdated. These competitive matrixes are designed to place them on top, not to help you.

They Don’t Want You to Preview all of Their Products

A company’s products may not be as straightforward or as simple as you may think. Here are a few things EdTechs would rather you not know about their products.

Demos Highlight the Good and Hide the Bad

You may be impressed by a killer demo. That’s because they want you to be. Ask to see the features that are most important to you and view as much of the product as possible. Even better, request a trial account. Vendors with old software don’t like to offer this, as it may highlight their weaknesses.

Only Some Products are Good

A vendor may have a great flagship product. That doesn’t mean their add-on products are great. And it doesn’t mean every product they sell integrates well with each other. Remember, some EdTechs will try to hook you in with the best part of their business and draw a curtain over any negative sides.

Only Positive References are Shared

The references an EdTech sales rep shares with you will always be positive. But they may not be a good representation of most customers’ experiences. Reach out on your own to schools using the product you’re considering to get their review directly. Also, be wary of customer references that are really new, they can be used to hide unhappy experiences.

Once-Over’s EdTech Evaluation Process

There are thousands of EdTech companies out there. And they all have their own agenda. How can you even begin to know where to start and which product really is great for you? Once-Over is a free service built to save you time, improve your choices, and help you stay anonymous while shopping for EdTech. No more pesky sales calls and second-guessing – compare thousands of companies instantly and find your perfect fit.

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