9 Things to Consider When Selecting a K12 Interactive White Board Vendor

When you’re searching for the right Interactive White Board, you’ll soon realize there are many vendors, and making the right decision may not be that easy. Not all vendors are created equal. To help you find the right one, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 things to consider when selecting your next vendor.

  1. Who Will Install the Interactive White Board? 

If you take the, do it yourself approach – and decide to install your Interactive White Board by yourself, know it’s likely not a one-person job. You might be surprised at the size and weight of these devices. On the other hand, letting the professionals install it for you, you’ll have to add significant costs. So, whatever you decide, you need to weigh the pros and cons and evaluate what’s best for your school.

  1. What Type of Mount Will Be Used?

When considering an Interactive White Board vendor, you have to take into consideration the type of mount to used. Do you need to move it from place to place? Then the mobile mount might be the best choice. Do you need to lower it for smaller students? Then the height adjustable mount could be a good option. If you don’t need either of these two features, why not get the standard wall mount instead?  It could save you some money.

  1. Does the Vendor Offer a Trial?

It can be very difficult to decide on what vendor you choose from.  When you’re on the fence, asking the vendor for a trial board might be something that’ll help you make an informed decision.  Most vendors are more than happy to send you a board to play with as no cost.  There is no harm in taking advantage of this and if you don’t like it, you can just send it back.

  1. Who Will Be Using It?

What age group will be using it? If young students, then you need a mount with adjustable height.  Some vendors even have options for a tabletop version that can be used for students of all ages.  You’ll also want to purchase one with a finger function for young students rather than a pen. Asking yourself this question will help identify the right features you require, and which vendors will be the right fit.

  1. How Many People Will Use the Board At Once?

It’s an important question to ask yourself because if you get an Interactive White Board and it doesn’t provide you with the features that you need – it will cause you more frustration than it’s worth. So, ask yourself this question. Do you want multiple students working on it at once? If so, then you need one with a multi-touch function.

  1. Is Your Existing Software Compatible?

When considering which White Board will be right for you, think about the existing software you have in your school. Will it be compatible? If you’re not sure, it always pays to ask the vendor. It’ll help narrow down which vendors are best for your school and will save a lot of headaches down the road. 

  1. How Are Faulty Units Managed?

Something that not many people consider is how a problem will be resolved in the future. We’re often so in-the-moment focused, that we forget to consider potential issues down the road. What will the vendor do when you have a faulty unit? Some vendors will send you a replacement part while others will ask you to try and repair it yourself. Some will ask you to ship it back for repairs or they will send you a new one if the problem isn’t resolved over a Zoom call.   This is one area where vendors can really vary.

  1. Are Boards Readily Available?

Some vendors may not have stock on hand to deliver to you. If you’re in no rush, then this won’t be a problem, but if you need it sooner rather than later then you’ll opt for a vendor who has stock on hand.  Make sure you ask for a timeline on getting a unit.

  1. Does the Vendor Offer In-House or Third-Party Software?

Another thing to consider is if the vendor offers in-house or third-party software. If it’s third-party software then you’ll need to weigh up the potential costs. Many vendors offer third-party software which has a monthly fee attached and, therefore, you’ll be at the mercy of those vendors and their potential price increases.

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